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All who come with "Love in their Heart" are welcome!

About the Pastor of the World Life Ministry

 Reverend Theodore "Theo" Klebes, a mixed blood Native American has been a member and now Chief Administrator of the White Buffalo Society, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 Native American educational society, since 1992.  Reverend Theodore "Theo" Klebes has a strong connection with Mother Earth, is a head drummer and singer for the Buffalo Spirit Drum, and is now a Native American Spiritual Leader for the society and performs various indigenous ceremonies.

Founding Chaplain of the World Life Ministry, Reverend Theodore "Theo" Klebes, B.D., received a calling to share Gods love and therefore studied under the tutorial of and received an Honorary Degree of Baccalaureate of Divinity, B.D.,from Universal Ministries and then went on to study under the tutorial of and became ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery.  Reverend Theo is a life long Progressive Christian, co-celebrant and long time member and of the Metropolitan Community Church, a Human Rights Church.  Reverend Theo is a strong believer of progressive religion and felt a calling to fulfill a great need to bring the mono-theocratic and poly-theocratic religions of the world together through teaching understanding, respect, acceptance, and celebration of the goodwill in all other religions of the world, without any discrimination. 

It is the commonality of one true Creator within the religions around the world that bring us together in the belief of the love and the good we are taught by a true Universal God.   World Life Ministry has an open mind and heart and believes in creationism by the hand of the Creator be it from religious teachings or scientific data.  We are all here by the Grace of God and give thanks for the opportunity to love all of His creations and to teach His word.  Hate is not born in any of us, hate it is taught.  Love is born in the heart of all of us and it is the good in the world’s religions that keeps love within us until death and beyond.  The fight of good verses evil will be fought until the end of time by the self will and determination of the love we are born with and the evil and greed we are taught.

World Life Ministry believes in the ancient and contemporary prophets, scholars and teachers of all religions who speak about the good, true word of God or Gods, without the man written discrimination, mistranslation, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of their true word found in the many Holy Books and Scrolls used around the world.  Reverend Theo is certified in the County of Marion for the State of Florida as a provider of premarital preparation as prescribed by Florida Statute Chapter 741/741.0305. 

World Life Ministry of Faith invites all to share in the worship of the true words with compassion and empathy and love of all mankind.


Services provided by Reverend “Theo”, free of charge or by donation only.

1.  Multi-Faith spiritual needs for those who are confined at home or in a hospice or care facility. 

2.  Teaching of tolerance and non discrimination of any kind to solo, family or group organizations.  

3.  Civil, faith-based and same-sex marriages and holy unions. 

4. Perform Christian Holy Baptisms, conduct Christian studies for confirmation, serve Holy Communion any place requested and officiate over Multi-Faith Funeral Services and Memorials.

5.  Guest religious services for other faiths.

6.  Spiritual leader for teaching Native American Spiritualism, various Native American ceremonies, including marriages, celebrations for Crossing Over the Bridge of Stars, and Naming ceremonies.

Reimbursements for long distance traveling expenses over 50 miles round trip.

Who is Reverend "Theo" Klebes?

Reverend Theodore "Theo" Klebes, a mixed blood Native American has been a member and now a Chief Administrator of the White Buffalo Society, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 Native American educational society, since 1992.  Reverend Theodore "Theo" Klebes (Two Ponies) has a strong connection with Mother Earth, is a head drummer and singer for the Buffalo Spirit Drum, and is now Native American Spiritual Leader for the society.

Reverend "Theo" moved to Silver Springs in 1991, attended University of Central Florida and began teaching for Marion County Public Schools, Marion County Technical and Adult Education, Florida State Fire College, alternative education, received the "Florida State Teacher of the Year for 2002" from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and retired from teaching in 2004.  Classroom experiences consist of academic, vocational and life skills for the incarcerated juveniles for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. 

After retirement from teaching, Rev. "Theo" went to work as support services officer for a re-entry facility in Ocala through Marion Correctional Institution, Florida Department of Corrections.

After serving in the US Navy from 1961 to his honorable discharge in 1967, Rev. "Theo" moved to Florida to begin a successful career in the hospitality industry and public education.

Rev. "Theo" now creates and maintains web sites for non-profit and religious organizations including World Life Ministry.

About Universal Ministries - School of Theology

The Universal Ministries is a nondenominational church founded in the truth of accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs without our intervention. We uphold the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the right of the individual to legally worship as they please. We uphold the Federal law that provides each church with the inalienable right to establish legal clergy and to appoint legal ministers within that establishment.

Ordination is the right of all legal churches to establish within the doctrines and bylaws of the church and is not limited only to the opinions of some churches as to whom can be ordained. All ministers of legal churches have the same authority in the laws of this nation. In 1517, Martin Luther stated that all men (women included today) have the God given right to Baptize and are therefore as well of the priesthood of God. Jesus said that all that accept him are of His priesthood. Buddha shared that all that become enlightened have found God. All paths share God's acceptance and Love that we may all serve in faith.

Though our Founders were originally ordained through the Universal Life Church and still maintain good standing with them, we founded the Universal Ministries independently of that church in order to be a truly independent nondenominational church that complies with the laws of all States. With members sharing in several denominations and faiths we created the Universal Ministries to encompass all beliefs, and invite all members to contribute to our weekly sermons and programs. We build this church through our spiritual sharing, that others may find the wonders of religious enlightenment.

The Doctrine of this Ministry that we "Do what is right, live fruitful lives, be true to ourselves and the God each of us worship, while causing no harm to others, and accept the individual's right to worship as they see fit within the laws of their respective countries."

Through the expansion of our current and future membership we will share the beliefs of many forms of enlightenment. We invite not just Christians, but the Jewish, Islamic Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Episcopalians, Baptists, Catholics, Quakers, Methodists, Presbyterians, Wicca, Pagans, Baha'i, and all others to join us in our individual search for enlightenment.

We acknowledge that spiritual growth comes from finding the truth in our individual ways throughout life. Each of us must find our own Holy Grail. Through our Statement of Faith, our Articles of Association, the doctrines of this church, and our desire to share, the Universal Ministries is willing to share with everyone that wishes the benefits of our organization.

The Universal Ministries does not support or deny the doctrines of any one religion. Although we do have our own personal beliefs, we hold fast to the truth of accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs, and do not directly endorse or dispute any content you may find on any of the pages located on our web space.

However, we would also like to mention that when approached with the concept of widening the variety of content we provide for our congregation and passersby, we feel it would benefit the whole of society to do so.




The Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church believes that all faiths are best served by the freedom and choice to worship your God without intolerance or antiquated religious dogma.

Served in the U.S. Navy from August 8, 1961 thru 1967.



The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Focusing on service to veterans, servicemembers and communities, the Legion evolved from a group of war-weary veterans of World War I into one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the United States. Membership swiftly grew to over 1 million, and local posts sprang up across the country. Today, membership stands at over 2.4 million in 14,000 posts worldwide. The posts are organized into 55 departments: one each for the 50 states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines.

The March 1919 Paris Caucus set in motion The American Legion.

Over the years, the Legion has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans and produced many important programs for children and youth. Following is a chronology of significant dates in Legion history:

 A Notary Public in the State of Florida is an appointed officer who acts as an impartial witness to certain transactions. The Notary’s participation in these transactions creates a degree of certainty and integrity that is crucial to the proper operation of business, government and commerce.

The Role of a Notary

A Notary’s main functions are to administer oaths and affirmations, take affidavits and witness and authenticate the execution of documents, take acknowledgements of deeds and other conveyances and perform certain other official acts depending on the jurisdiction. Any such act is called a notarization.

A Notary uses an embossing seal, what we refer to as a self inking notary seal, to verify his or her presence at the time the documents were signed. No legal training is required to apply for the position of Notary Public. Certain legal documents are required to be 'notarized' in order to be recognized in court, so a Notary spends most of his or her time observing routine signatures. Because identities are critical, a Notary may also spend some time verifying the names of the parties involved in the signing. Generally, all parties provide some form of official identification (driver's license, birth certificate, passport, etc.) in order for the Notary public to feel comfortable about notarizing the signatures.

A Notary can charge a nominal fee for his or her services, but this fee cannot be seen as excessive.

One misconception about a Notary is that his or her official signature and/or embossing stamp automatically make a document 'true and legal'. The truth is, Notaries cannot give legal advice to anyone unless he or she happens to be a licensed attorney. What a Notary does is witness the signing of the documents and asks each party for a sworn oath of authenticity. The document itself could still be declared fraudulent or unenforceable later in court proceedings. A Notary public can only attest to the identities of those signing the documents and their own affirmations of authenticity at the time of notarization.

Most people believe that Notaries simply “notarize signatures.” This greatly oversimplifies a Notary’s duties and responsibilities. In carrying out his or her duties, a Notary not only follows what is dictated in state law but exercises subjective judgment on matters such as the state of mind of the signer, the signer’s comprehension of the transaction, or whether fraud or coercion are present.

Notaries derive their authority from their state governments. They are “appointed” or “commissioned” by an official of their state, generally the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State or Treasurer. Each state has its own unique notary laws and Notaries must follow the laws of their particular state. This means that Notaries in one state may have authority to perform duties that Notaries in another state do not—it depends completely on each state’s Notary laws. There is no corresponding or overriding federal law governing Notaries.

A Notary’s authorized duties vary by state but can include:

  • Administer oaths and affirmations;
  • Take and certify the acknowledgment of a document;
  • Take and certify affidavits;
  • Take and certify depositions;
  • Issue protests of notes and bills;
  • Witness the opening of safe deposit boxes and certify a list of contents;
  • Issue subpoenas;
  • Perform civil marriage ceremonies

Certified Premarital Counselor for the State of Florida

Reverend Theo. is certified in the County of Marion for the State of Florida as a provider of premarital preparation as prescribed by Florida Statute Chapter 741/741.0305.