World Life Ministry of Faith

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Code of Ethics for the World Life Ministry of Faith Membership


As a member of World Life Ministry of Faith, I agree to comply with the following Members Code of Ethics:

1.  Honesty and Good Faith – I will act honestly and in good faith. I will do nothing to violate the trust of the World Life Ministry of Faith.

2.  Care, Diligence and Skill – I will exercise a degree of care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person in comparable circumstances. I will make a concerted effort to attend all services and membership meetings. I will act responsibly and with due diligence to become familiar with the affairs of the Ministry and to uphold its By-Laws, Policies, and Agreements.

3.  Conflict of Interest – I will not promote my personal beliefs or those of any member, family member, or friend to the detriment of the Ministry. I will not seek any special benefits or privileges as a member or accept any compensation either personally or on behalf of any other person.

4.  Confidentiality – I will not disclose to any person information decided to be confidential or privileged or which reasonably ought to be deemed confidential. When in doubt, I will request a determination by the board or pastor.

5.  Good Conduct – At all times, I will conduct myself in a professional and business like manner at any member or board meetings.  I will approach all Ministry issues with an open mind, preparing to make the best decisions on behalf of the the board and membership. I will act ethically with integrity and in accordance with legal criteria. I will comply with rules of good conduct and will deal with others in a respectful manner. I will comply with principles of good governance and procedural rules of order.

6.  Support – I will abide by decisions of the majority of the membership and board even though I may disagree, but I reserve the right to express my own views as a member in good standing.

7.  Defamation – I will not make intentional erroneous and/or defamatory statements about World Life Ministry of Faith or any member, their religious beliefs, faith, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

8.  Minimize Conflict – I will attempt to prevent or minimize conflict any disruption and will promote good relations amongst persons involved in our World Life Ministry of Faith. I will promote a first class image for our Ministry, Members and Associates.

9.  Education – I will make every effort to continue to educate myself by making myself familiar with the faiths, beliefs and culture of participating members of World Life Ministry of Faith.

10.  Agreement – I hereby agree to comply with the provisions set out in this Member Code of Ethics.

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