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All who come with "Love in their Heart" are welcome!

This Sermon is for All.

My intended audience for this sermon is the child:   the child within everyone, the wounded self within each of us who was never fully heard, never fully recognized, and never fully nurtured by parents who themselves were never fully heard, recognized, or nurtured.  In order to speak directly and honestly to you, I take the side of the child.  If I did anything less I would fail at my mission.

We all acknowledge that some parents can be terrible, other parents, they say, are looking for help, and can’t get it from a voice that labels them as abusers.This is often followed by their admission that they feel alienated or attacked.  Not infrequently, this is followed by a suggestion that I rewrite my sermon.

But there is no reason why this sermon would inevitably alienate parents.  To me, it would only alienate those parents who are not strongly on the side of their own children, and their own child within.  I reflect on this whenever I have considered softening my sermon.  Those who want me to soften it are in denial and want me to accommodate their denial, just as they, with all of society’s backing, force their children, and their own inner child, to do.

At basic they deny the socially acceptable damages they have committed on their children, because acknowledging this reality would pressure them to engage in a most painful revamping of their identity.  How much easier to avoid this, avoid the reality of how alienated their children are, and instead ask me to play nice in the sandbox and revamp my website!

But I also reflect on how deeply alienated these parents were when they were children -- and how alienated they remain from the best of themselves.  Who speaks for all of them?  Certainly not a softer website that absolves them and their parents of appropriate guilt.

But still, should I soften my website just a little?  It would be nice to have more allies in the world.  It would be nice if my psychology colleagues who loved my films about psychosis linked to this website.  And softening it could be so easy.  I could use gentler language, beat around the bush a bit, cut an essay here and there, not be so directly critical, occasionally turn a blind eye to my own conclusions...

But then I look within.  And my inner voice yells out the reply:  I cannot.  I cannot betray the child.  Not the child within me, nor the one within you, nor within anyone -- not even the child within the mother or the father who abused me.  And if my refusal to be yet another betrayer alienates parents, then so be it.  Let them go find their comforting messages elsewhere.  I see no lack of websites and books that quite effectively do that already.  I prefer to stick to truth.  I’ve only got one life and I don’t want to waste it.

--June, 2011