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Natives of the Americas


Natives of the Americas are divided into three geographical areas:

North America - The Rio Grande River North to the North Pole

Central America - Rio Grande River South through Panama

South America - Panama border South to the South Pole

To disallow the proclamation would then infringe on my Native American heritage and traditional understanding of gay people who are called "two spirited people" and are held in very high esteem. Two-spirit people are usually prophets, medicine people, and teachers. They can exchange roles at will. Women can become warriors and men can take on the traditional roles of women and even participate in sacred lodge ceremonies. They were never humiliated and put down as perverse or "queer". They were often given the opportunity at a young age to choose between the tools of men and those of women. Whatever the child chose was considered to be the correct path for that child. Native Americans do not see things in a distorted or convoluted manner. They accept whatever the Creator has given them without question and understand it as part of His Will and Great Mystery, sacred.

Is there only one God? Is this God for the Gentile as well as the Jew? Is He the one God of the Muslims, the Buddhists, Christians, and the Native tribes around the world? Is He the one God of both gay and straight? Does He cause the rain to fall on the poor as well as the mighty? These arguments will continue until such people as those who reject others can find the truth that can only be found, and given, directly from God, the Word of Truth. This Word was given to us, "To love one another".....God's Love and Peace....To`na Wanagi